Financial management
Break-even at just $6 million AUM
Start your fund for a fraction of the setup and regulatory expenses of a standalone fund business in Hong Kong. We’ve worked with partners and invested in the technology that will help your fund business break even with an AUM at US$6 million, compared with traditional structures which require minimum AUM of over US$20 million
Launch in just 8 weeks
he most expensive part of establishing a fund is time. Establishing standalone funds and HK SFC license applications are known to take as long as a year or more to gain regulatory approval. Launching on time makes the difference between a successful or failed first year. Several months can mean the difference between starting off wit
Tier 1 Partners
he sunrise platform works with the best in the business from legal and audit, to fund administration and technology. We have taken that experience working with the best business providers and built a structure to support talented emerging managers. Moving forward, we work as a team throughout the life of your fund.