About Us

ROFFE INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTE. LTD is a high-technology industrial group that is developed by the industrial economy and led by complete industrial chain, containing the new generation of intelligent processing and manufacturing, energy and financial innovation, medical & health industry, innovation of health care, etc. Our headquarters locate in Singapore. We set up Project Development Department in Calgary and Toronto of Canada, Industrial Centre in Chongqing, Shanghai and Shenzhen of China, and the Centre of Technology and Research in Chongqing of China.

Under the backgrounds of “Framework Agreement” and “Implementation Agreement” between Singapore and China (Chongqing), we respond to the above agreements so that we set up modern processing and operation centre integrating large-scale modern intelligent manufacturing, precision machining and innovative finance. For agreements, the leading spirit of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Chinese President Xi Jinping are building demonstrative major project with high standard, high level and creativity.

By allying with Zhongke, Chongqing University of Chian, Southwest University of China, and State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission, the first plan we make that we will invest 19.1-billion-yuan over 5 years to produce 8867 precision numerical machine tools, form 15 industrial clusters (precision and ultra-precision nc machining operation center); form capability with machining more than 3430 million precision parts annually; have more than 34.1 billion yuan annual revenue of the modern processing and operation centre.

Our project area locates in Calgary, Alberta of Canada where has the third largest oil reserves in the world, also it is the energy centre of Canada and the second largest energy centre in North America. Comparing more than 298.3 billion barrels of oil of Canada, Roffe has totally recoverable area of 803 km2 and more than 83.1 billion barrels in reserve. Since the establishment of the energy project in 2010, 21 projects have been tested and 41 oil wells have been completed in 3 regions of the project area; completion of the initial construction of multi-well sites and oil &gas central processing stations, having conditions for large-scale development and high cash flow. The construction of 58 kilometers of gathering and transportation pipelines and oil and gas sales pipelines has been completed, and the installation of production facilities for Wells and the upgrading of well site roads have been implemented. At present, all production wells have been connected to the pipeline network for sales. We plan to produce 13,000 barrels of light crude oil per day by the end of 2021, 21,000 barrels of light crude oil per day in 2023, and 29,000 barrels of light crude oil per day in 2025.

We are a leading and innovative company in Singapore, working on international precision, intelligent, and medicine & health industries; our business field lays out the pharmaceutical and health industry chain strategically. Not only we operate business directly on medical devices, medical diagnosis and medical services, but also we expand our business area through taking shares from several holding group companies. With our strategic partner, Chinese Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd, we have started to deeply and comprehensively cooperate with hospital, clinics and other medica institutions in Singapore. For the medicine & health industries in Singapore, our vision is: “under the strategic guidance of innovation, internationalization, integration, and intellectualization, adhering to the concept of sustainability and development model of innovative transformation, integrated operation, and steady growth, we are facing future and committed to becoming an excellent company in the global mainstream medical and health market.”

We will do our best and utmost for development and career; take the right way on the liberal road with the shining light.

The choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.
Advance and shine with the utmost effort, and let the capabilities speak for themselves.